Your Stories

Here at Better Births Lincolnshire, everything is about you.

We want to hear and share your pregnancy and child birth stories, as we know that the experiences of many parents can be related to by others. At times, they can even offer comfort to others.

Here, we will be sharing your stories on a range of topics.

Anyone can get involved – If you are a dad, midwife, nurse, birthing partner, grandparent or a close friend, we want to hear from you in your own words.

  • When The Natural Doesn’t Come Naturally: My Breastfeeding Journey

    • Date: 24th October 2017

    When I became pregnant, there was no question in my mind on how I wanted to feed my baby. I knew I would breastfeed. I’d heard about sore cracked nipples, mastitis, blocked ducts, cluster feeding, engorgement, leaking milk, milk spraying everywhere… safe to say I knew it would be hard at times.

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