Stamford mum Ellie Longbone: I want to give birth in familiar surroundings

My name's Ellie and I'm the mother to a beautiful, sensitive and slightly crazy 2 year old boy.

I’m also currently 31 weeks pregnant with another baby boy who is wriggling around as I write this.

When I had my first son Isaac, I was 19 years old and even though I was young, it was the perfect time for Isaac to come into my life as my pregnancy with him made me realise that my dream is to become a midwife.

If it wasn’t for him, I would have never discovered my passion for birth. So this time round, I’m a lot more clued up about how I want my birth to be and about all the choices I have, as well as all of the bodily processes that happen during labour. I had an uncomplicated hospital birth with Isaac but this time round I would love to have a home birth. I feel as though being in a familiar, comfortable environment will increase my oxytocin levels; the hormone that is your best friend during labour.

Another reason why a home birth appeals is that I wont have to rush off and leave Isaac in the middle of the night, which would unsettle us both. I’ve also attended a hypnobirthing course with my partner, which has helped a lot to ease any fears I have about giving birth again and it has also left me feeling really confident and positive about labour.

In terms of preparing for a new baby, we haven’t had to do much and in some ways I feel like we should be doing more but from experience, I know that no amount of preparation can really get you ready for a new baby as life with a newborn can be so unpredictable.

As long as we have the basics like nappies I’ll be happy. Apart from the lack of sleep, I’m so excited to have a tiny baby to cuddle all the time again. I think Isaac is looking forward to it as well and I can’t wait to see what their brotherly bond will be like, even if they end up causing a lot of mischief with each other.

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