‘The staff made me feel at ease and were encouraging of my partner too’

Lauren Todd speaks to Better Births Lincolnshire about her birthing experience

“I gave birth in Lincoln.

“It was a long stay as I was induced twice and still only made it to 1/2cm dilated. On day five, I had my waters broken and after 14 hours my baby was delivered (by Alice who was fantastic if you know her – she is my biggest positive from the whole experience). Thanks Alice!

“The care I received was very good in hospital with regards to having everything explained to me and the midwives were very understanding of my fears and frustrations throughout the first five days. They allowed me gas and air for examinations as the cervix was tucked behind the baby’s head and let me use the treatment room so I felt like I had some privacy (I’m really quite scared of doctors and hospitals so this was brilliant for me).

“They made me feel at ease with the whole process and were encouraging of my partner being there for every step along the way.

“However, during my time on Nettleham ward I found that each professional had a very different opinion of my case. I was told I would need a c-section if the second induction failed by some and by others I was told that they’d be able to break my waters as long as my cervix had moved forwards. I was told initially when in the assessment centre that I had pre-eclamsia and that was the main reason for induction (as well as reduced movements) and when in labour ward I was told I did not have pre-eclamsia.

“Several incidents like this happened during my time there and that made it very difficult for me to understand what my next steps and options were. I also found that sleeping over was very difficult for my partner in the arm chairs, I know they are new and cost a lot of money but there was a lack of space to recline and therefore meant that he slept very little if at all. This is minor in comparison to medical priorities, I realise, but the support of a partner is so crucial during such an important time.

My labour was very good and any small complications were dealt with quickly and efficiently. The staff were fantastic, particularly Alice as I mentioned previously.

“However, once everything was seemingly done and dusted, I was left to have a bath on my own which after an epidural, second degree tear and with a crying newborn proved very difficult. Some extra support to wash and dress would have been very helpful. I was also left until 3am (gave birth at 7.05pm) with only an arm chair to sit in before I was moved to nettleham ward. I understand that there was a wait for a bed but after a 14 hour labour it would have been lovely to have the bed re-made in the labour room for me to get some much needed rest whilst I waited to move.

“Overall my experience was very good thanks to the amazing staff on both wards, they gave me confidence in their abilities and were brilliant with both myself and my partner at all times, they did their absolute best for us.

“Everything was clean and tidy and well looked after.”

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