Perinatal Mental Health

What does Better Births say?

Perinatal mental illness affects up to 20% of women, and covers a wide range of conditions. If left untreated, it can have significant and long lasting effects on the woman and her family.

Perinatal mental health problems can also have long-standing effects on children’s emotional, social and cognitive development.

The wellbeing of women and their families is as important as the physical wellbeing of the women and developing baby – the NHS needs to consider this in an integrated way.

If you are feel that you are suffering from mild-moderate symptoms, be sure to contact the services that can support you. All are happy to talk and support you through your feelings and concerns.

For more information or support, follow the links below:

Perinatal Mental Health

PANDAS Support GroupImage result for pandas support group

Telephone: 0843 289 8401



Steps2ChangeImage result for steps 2 change nhs

Telephone: 0303 123 4000



The SamaritansImage result for samaritans

Telephone: 116 123