Personalised Care and Choice

What does Better Births say?

Women’s maternity care should be personalised to their needs and those of her baby and family. Everyone woman is different, and will be starting from different places – some may be first time mothers, others may have had babies before. Some will be very young, others at the older end of the childbearing period. Some will have childcare to worry about. Some will have support from family nearby, others will not have any support.

Women should be able to make decisions about their care during pregnancy, during birth and after their baby’s birth, through an on-going discussion with professionals that empower them. They should feel supported to make well informed decisions through a relationship of mutual trust and respect with health professionals, and their choices should be acted upon.

Personalisation is the development of a personalised care plan by the woman and midwife, built on the decisions each woman makes, and informed by an assessment of the type of care she might need. This will accommodate the risks involved, which recognises that risk is not binary or absolute, but seeks to accommodate that risk. The woman will have an honest, open and unbiased dialogue with health professionals, supported by evidence based on the information being available about their choices which are easily accessible. There must be sufficient time to have this dialogue.


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