Birchwood maternity community hub launch hailed a success

  • Date: 5th December 2017
  • Category: NewsServices

The launch of Lincolnshire’s first maternity community hub has been hailed a success.

Better Births Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council were present at the official opening of the new hub at Birchwood Children’s Centre on Monday, December 4.

Similar hubs will be launched in Grantham on December 8, Skegness on January 5 and Boston by the end of January.

Dozens of parents, babies and toddlers attended Birchwood’s launch – which will see parents have access to midwives, health visitors, children centre staff, mental health services and a variety of support groups all under one roof. The 12-month pilot will be accessible to parents who are registered with Birchwood Medical Practice and Woodland Medical Practice.


Speaking at the event, Tracy Pilcher, senior responsible officer for the Lincolnshire Maternity Transformation Programme, said: “I just want to thank everyone who has come to Birchwood Children’s Centre for the launch of Lincolnshire’s first maternity community hub.

“This is a really important milestone for the Better Births programme across Lincolnshire. This is the first of four hubs over the next few weeks.

“It is important having everyone here today and all these people who are connected with mums giving birth. It is important we come together, like we have done, to give women and their families the right support at the right time.

“If you get it right in pregnancy, it is so beneficial for babies and as they move forward in life.”

The Better Births Lincolnshire team then presented Birchwood Children’s Centre with a certificate.

Speaking at the event, Councillor Patricia Bradwell, deputy leader at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “I am so pleased to be here today. Lots of people know just how close to my heart children’s centres are.

“I do believe using this as a hub for maternity services, and other services, is so important. We can marry all these services together. I am so excited to see everyone working as one.

“Hopefully we’ll move this on and I am sure it will go from strength to strength. These hubs are not about the people providing the services they are about the families we are delivering the services for.

“I wish everyone well in providing the services.”

  • All eyes are now on Swingbirdge Children’s Centre in Grantham for the launch of their hub on Friday, December 8 (10.30am-2.30pm).
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